Unemployment insurance makes it possible to compensate for the loss of professional income suffered by people deprived of their job. To benefit from this Return to Employment Allowance (AER), a number of conditions must be met.

The conditions for benefiting from unemployment insurance

The conditions for benefiting from unemployment insurance

The first condition for receiving unemployment insurance is to have lost one’s job involuntarily. So, if you decide to quit your job, you will not be able to claim compensation.
However, the public authorities have provided some cases where the resigners can benefit from unemployment insurance. When the voluntary departure is considered legitimate, for example if the employee no longer receives his wages.

Other conditions

  • To be registered as a jobseeker
  • Be actively looking for a job
  • Not to be reached by the legal retirement age
  • Being physically fit to work
  • Reside in France or in the DOM-TOM
  • Justify a sufficient contribution period

Minimum period of contributions to receive the unemployment insurance allowance

The last UNEDIC agreement signed on February 19, 2009 provides, for people who lost their job as of April 1, 2009, a minimum period of 4 months of contributions in the last 28 months to claim the insurance unemployment.

For unemployed persons over 50, the 4 months of contribution must be obtained during the last 36 months.

The amount and duration of unemployment insurance

The amount

The daily reference wage on which the allowance is based corresponds to the average of the last twelve months of wages. This average includes any premiums.

Calculation of the daily reference wage

SJR = (S + P) of the last 12 months / 365
SJR: daily reference wage
S: wages
P: bonuses

The duration

For contracts broken since April 1, 2009, the latest UNEDIC agreement provides:

  • Maximum duration of 24 months for people under 50 who have contributed at least 4 months
  • A maximum duration of 36 months for people over 50 who have contributed at least 6 months

The different interlocutors of unemployment insurance


The Interprofessional National Union for Employment in Industry and Commerce (UNEDIC) has been managing unemployment insurance since its creation, in 1958 on a joint basis, that is to say by the unions of employees and the employers.
Every 3 years, UNEDIC renegotiates a new convention.


Since December 28, 2008, the employment pole brings together the former services of ANPE and ASSEDIC.

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