6-year-old became a hero for saving his grandfather’s life


PUXICO, Mo. (KFVS) – A 6-year-old boy was honored Saturday for saving his grandfather’s life.

Dakota Doublin phoned Puxico Fire Chief Eugene Goodale when the boy’s grandfather was found unconscious on February 2.

“I rushed over there, I live about five blocks from them,” Goodale said. “The moment I got there, he came running to the truck to meet me. He said, ‘Okay, dad is breathing but he’s still not talking.’ He was very distraught, but I just feel like he saved his grandfather’s life.

It was Dakota’s quick thinking that led first responders to rush to the scene and saved the man’s life.

“We just want to honor him and let him know he did the right thing and get the message out to other young people so they’re not afraid to make that call because I really think it’s was a life-saving call,” Goodale said.

His grandfather is also the deputy fire chief of Puxico. He says he’s grateful for the quick thinking on his feet.

“He can be very remarkable,” said Larry Doublin. “He is just close to my heart. I have legal custody and he lives with me and it’s a good thing he was living with me, otherwise I might not be here today.

The fire department and others recognized Dakota with a hot meal, fire coat, fire hat, t-shirt and more.

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