Appalachian Power helps Roanoke Rescue Mission install energy-saving LED lighting


ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ) – Appalachian Power has helped the Roanoke Rescue Mission save energy with new LED lighting. And the utility believes other small businesses can benefit from the same type of conversion.

On Friday morning, the Rescue Mission thanked Appalachian Power for providing 100% of the cost of installing the new LED lights.

And Appalachian Power encourages small businesses to take a closer look at its TakeChargeVA Small Business direct installer.

“This lighting is much better for your eyes, people’s eyes, and I just hope it saves the mission money on their electricity bill every month,” said Randy Chiang, facilities administrator for Rescue Mission. . “And I know it will be.”

“I hope other small businesses will see this and contact us and get some advice,” said Kevin Brown, consumer energy efficiency programs coordinator at Appalachian Power, “because we will come and do low-cost direct-installed energy-efficiency measures, and we can also explain where their business uses energy.”

The Rescue Mission replaces the lights throughout its facility.

In addition to Appalachian Power’s equipment donation, the project promises substantial monthly savings.


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