Arson at site of fatal shooting and call for reinforcements for COVID aid: Here are the week’s top headlines


(WTRF) – Here’s a look back at the top stories of the week.

Just days after Brooke County authorities arrested the suspect in a fatal shooting, there has been a new development in the case.

–> Brooke County sheriff says fire won’t interfere with murder investigation

The house in Colliers where police say a man was murdered caught fire just days after the incident. Harley Gill has been arrested and is now in the Northern Regional Jail without bond for first degree murder. The sheriff says the arson investigation will not interfere with the murder investigation.

One of the two people arrested for blackmailing the victim of a double murder has been convicted in court.

–> Woman convicted in Belmont County extortion case

Miana Smith has admitted extorting money from the late Tom Strussion. She was sentenced to 36 months in prison. So far, authorities say they have found no connection between the extortion case and the murder of Strussion and his wife. Smith’s former fiancé and co-defendant, Anthony DiBacco, has already been sentenced to three years.

Severe staffing shortages due to COVID, resignations and retirements are straining Elmhurst staff.

–> The National Guard called in to help during a severe personnel shortage in Elmhurst

The West Virginia National Guard came to the aid. Four members of the guard will remain at Elmhurst as long as required. Elmhurst said they needed IA LPN diet workers and servers.

It was a welcome sight for many drivers and local businesses when the Washington Avenue Bridge opened to traffic this week.

–> Wheeling’s Washington Avenue Bridge Now Open

It has been closed for repairs since January 3. Officials said the work was needed to stabilize the bridge for the next few years. However, it will need to be removed and replaced.

–> Moundsville teacher receives $25,000 award

A surprise assembly at McNinch Elementary School ended in a big honor for one of its teachers. First grade teacher Heather Haught has been named the winner of the Milken Educator Award. She also received $25,000. Haught is known for caring deeply about her students and creating captivating lessons.

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