Car tax changes are a ‘scam’ and could ‘hurt the poor in society’



Further changes will see vehicle excise duty (VED) rates for the more polluting gasoline and diesel models increase starting in the spring. Cars with the highest vehicle emissions rate will see their rate in the first year go from £ 2,245 to £ 2,365 in an increase of £ 120.

Another reader, “Northwest,” said: “Ordinary workers use 10-year-old gasoline and diesel vehicles because they have far bigger bills to pay than buying expensive electric cars. “

Another Express reader said, “So the income tax is progressive, but the car tax is regressive, penalizing people because they cannot afford a new electric car! “

“Backagain” said: “When will politicians ever learn?

“Those of us who work hard to make money don’t have a lot of it.

However, some have called on the government to change its policy on taxes and price increase targets elsewhere.

The ‘Farty’ reader said, “Scrap traffic tax. Instead, increase the fuel tax.

“That way, the more kilometers you drive, the more taxes you pay.

“Stop using the ‘conservation green card’ to defraud motorists.”

Meanwhile, ‘Monkmacat’ said: “When are you going to start claiming a tax on cyclists.

“Motorists are being pushed around by toads, taxes go up to pay for these bikes that cyclists don’t even use!” Have a hold! “ has contacted the Department for Transport for comment.



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