Changes to the Braveworks brownfield proposal of the former savings bank



MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) – Changes have been made to the Braveworks proposal, which includes the renovation of the former Savings Bank building in downtown Marquette.

The Commission municipale de Marquette welcomed potential developers during a working session on Wednesday evening.

Braveworks is looking to bring the Vault Hotel to the corner of Front and Washington streets and build parking lots along Lakeshore Blvd.

The proposal includes renovating the interior of the historic Caisse d’Epargne building, adding 96 hotel rooms, permanent accommodation and parking.

“Part of this is to integrate public parking. We will have approximately 200 parking spaces that will be open to the public, and we will also have a residential component which will have approximately 36 units, ”said Braveworks owner Jon Julien.

He said after much feedback from the community, changes have been made to the proposal.

“We completely redesigned our parking lot and added access features,” said Julien. “Now there is pedestrian access directly to Front Street from the parking lot, and we will also be able to provide ADA access from Lakeshore Blvd to Front Street.”

In addition to these changes, Julien said that a dedicated lane will be created and that 7 of the 36 residential units will be reachable housing.

“About 20% of residential units will be considered reachable housing. So through design and through different programs, we think we’ve found a way to fit that into our plan and I think that’s a huge factor for a lot of people and their thoughts on this project.

At the moment, Braveworks is still working on approving a local brownfield site to go ahead with the proposal.

“We are also simultaneously working on state approval of a brownfield site and if we put all of these things together, we start working with the planning commission and start working with the city engineers and going through that process. . There is a whole other series of steps after that, ”said Julien.

Marquette City Mayor Jenna Smith said in a Facebook post that the commission had a big decision to make.

A public hearing is set on the brownfield plan for July 12.

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