Chase Ghiloni takes the love of visuals at First Federal



NEWARK – It was a creative journey, and it all started with an old film camera.

“I always dreamed of being a photographer,” recalls Chase Ghiloni, “and mostly I pretended to shoot with my dad’s old film cameras until someone bought me a little camera. photo with my own film. I took several film photography classes in high school and really enjoyed it. There was a science in that, and you had to work really hard to get a good image. “

This eventually led to a photography / video business.

“I got really excited about this when I went to Central Ohio Technical College,” he continued. “I was surrounded by such talented people and they pushed me to do my best. Our instructors have been tough on us throughout but, in the end, they revealed they are so proud of how far we have come. I think they held their praise to keep us on our toes. It made us stronger and prepared us for the job. All this experience fueled my interest in the creative professions.

Now 38, Ghiloni was born and raised in Newark. He graduated from Newark High School in 2001, then COTC in 2010. He studied digital media and design with an emphasis on photography and video production.

Then just before graduation, he and other COTC graduates opened a studio.

“From 2010 to 2017, we really tried to figure things out,” he said.

Apparently he did.

“Chase is extremely creative,” noted Jennifer Roberts, executive director of the Newark Campus Development Fund, the Thomas J. Evans Foundation and the Gilbert Reese Family Foundation.

“I had the pleasure of working with Chase on his first video project and have worked with him on several projects since,” Roberts continued. “It’s a real success story.

In 2016, Ghiloni started working as a freelance. In time, he got a call from Sally Heckman, executive vice president of First Federal Savings & Loan.

“She asked me,” Ghiloni recalls, “if I knew anyone who might be interested in the position of vice president of marketing at the bank.”

“I don’t often read between the lines,” he added, “so after several minutes I realized she wanted me to try the position. I wasn’t really sure bank marketing was right for me and to be honest it seemed a bit boring. However, the thought of working with Sally and her mother Sarah and everyone else at First Federal was enough to convince me to accept her offer. These people did some really amazing things in Licking County, and I knew I wanted to be a part of it in some capacity. “

Today, Ghiloni is Vice President of Marketing at First Federal.

“Chase is a natural at what he does,” said Heckman. “His sense of design is exceptional and his instincts are perfect. He’s so talented. But beyond that, it’s a real pleasure to work with him. He’s only been working here for 5 years, but I can’t imagine the place without him now!

“I do everything with my heart,” replied Ghiloni. “I give everything 100 percent. I want everything I do to evolve and improve over time, so it never stops for me.

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First Federal Savings & Loan is located at 2 North 2nd Street in Newark. For more information, call 740-345-3494 or log on to

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