Delhi: three arrested for having duped the HDFC bank of Rs 1.4 crore



Delhi Police Crime Directorate dismantled an interstate gang allegedly involved in the Rs 1.4 crore HDFC bank dupe. Police arrested three members, including a woman, from Tilak Nagar in connection with the case.

The HDFC bank had filed a complaint on June 25 for embezzlement, cheating and forgery committed by various account holders. The complaint mentioned that these accounts of different people had common photographs and different identities, causing an unwarranted loss to the bank in the amount of INR 1.38 crore.

The arrested criminals have been identified as Harjeet Singh, Surender Singh and Nisha Marwah. The goods purchased with the cheated money, as well as several false documents, debit cards, credit cards, cell phones and identification documents were recovered in their possession.


The gang allegedly tricked the bank into opening priority accounts at multiple banks to get top-notch banking services using forged documents. In six savings bank accounts, the photograph was of the same person with different names and in total nine interconnected profiles were found to defraud the bank.

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Common addresses were also used among these accounts. A total of three addresses and two PIN codes (110007 and 110018) had been used on different accounts.

When cross-checking the account opening forms and supporting KYC documents, it was noted that most of the documents provided by said identities using different names were either fraudulent and forged or could have been generated with intent. malicious because common photographs had been used. to open the respective savings bank accounts with different names. It has been observed that these accounts were opened to establish relationship with the bank and then gain eligibility for other financial products for the sole purpose of deceiving the bank.

In addition, the bank had granted multiple credit facilities and products, namely credit cards, DCEMI, PL2CC, two wheel loans and commercial loan to these respective account holders based on their account opening relationships and balances maintained with the Bank. After using these loans and purchases, the customers are gone. The overall exposure extended to these account holders was Rs. 1,38,49,000.

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The defendants opened accounts on fake IDs at Capital Finance Bank and Bandhan Bank and kept a large balance in those accounts, and then opened fake accounts on the same fake IDs at the HDFC Bank. High value checks were used to open the account in HDFC banks, therefore, these accounts qualified for top notch banking services. The defendants also opened accounts in several other banks such as Bank of Baroda, Yes Bank, Standard Charted Bank on the same fake IDs, which were used in HDFC Bank, Capital Bank and Bandhan Bank.


During the investigation, SI Chandan discovered that defendants frequently purchased goods using credit cards issued to fake ID accounts. A careful study of these bank accounts was carried out and it was found that a Tata Sky Setup box had been recharged by the fake account holder at Tilak Nagar in New Delhi.

After surveillance and verification, on August 5, a trap was set near the aforementioned address and the three accused were successfully apprehended.


  • Harjeet Singh (39) – He resides in Tilak Nagar, New Delhi. He was posing as Jeet Singh, Hardeep Singh, Gurdeep Arora. False identity documents of Gurdeep Arora and Hardeep Singh were recovered in his possession. Debit / credit cards from various banks in the name of Hardeep Singh and Gurdeep Arora were also recovered. Scooty on behalf of Jeet Singh was also recovered.
  • Surender Singh – He was posing as Dalip Arora, Pavinder Singh, Harmeet Singh, Satinder Singh. False identity documents of Satender Singh and Dalip Arora were recovered in his possession. Debit / credit cards in the name of Parvinder Singh were recovered. A scooter in the name of Amardeep Kaur and an I-10 car seized in his possession.
  • Nisha Marwah – She is one of the key members of the gang and is the link between Harjeet Singh and the other gang members. She was posing as Amita Kaur, Meet Kaur and Mannat Kaur. False identity cards of Mannat Kaur were recovered. Mannat Kaur’s debit / credit cards were recovered in his possession. Scooty on behalf of Amita Kaur was also recovered.

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