For the second year in a row, Te Whare Hukahuka is rolling out our three-month “Ka Hao I Te Ao” e-commerce program



This program is an important part of our company’s mission statement, to help improve the lives of 10 million Indigenous people.

We have scholarships worth $ 1.3 million to help cover the program’s $ 7,500 cost, which comes from government funding, donations and philanthropy. The Ka Hao i Te Ao program is scheduled to start September 12 and is designed to help increase the disposable income of Maori and Pasifikas through an online e-commerce program created to help you launch and grow a business. online store in just 12 weeks. . But this is not a get-rich-quick scheme, but simply to help whānau and try to uplift each other by helping people create their own trade routes and stay on the right track.

To apply for this program, you must be of Maori or Pasifika descent and be able and willing to commit to at least 6-8 hours per week for 12 weeks.

To be eligible for a scholarship, applicants must complete the application form and complete the five “Comfort Challenges”.

Applications for scholarships close on August 29. The program will start on September 12.

Te Whare Hukahuka is delighted and honored to have partnered with a variety of organizations that have joined us to tautoko this kaupapa, and we hope to build on these relationships to pave the way for supporting individual wealth and whānau by learning the power to e-commerce together.

Here are just two of our partners who make up the larger community of Te Whare Hukahuka.

The first is Tracey Shepherd from REAP Aotearoa. REAP Aotearoa is the national body that represents the 13 REAPs (Rural Education Activity Programs) around Aotearoa. Provide educational opportunities to rural communities to make a difference in the lives and long term plans of rural people. Working in collaboration with local partners, including Iwi and hapū, is the key to this progress. Collectively, REAPs support a rural / provincial population of nearly 400,000 people, covering 22 local territorial authorities.

“Ka Hao i te Ao is an innovative and revolutionary opportunity for future Maori and Pasifika entrepreneurs. “

She thinks that e-commerce itself is a very important kaupapa because:

“REAPs work with rural communities. These communities are often unable to access appropriate and affordable services to help them achieve their aspirations. Our rangatahi often have to travel to urban centers to study, leaving behind their support networks and, unfortunately, they become isolated and struggle to be successful. Having the opportunity to study online in an environment that they are familiar with and supported is a huge benefit to them and will most likely result in success.

The second of our esteemed partners is Helena Maxwell from NesiANZ Services. NesiANZ services are based in Australia and are heavily involved in the Maori and Pacific Islander community in North Brisbane. Their vision is as broad, diverse and holistic as that of the Nesian community they serve.

“This is an incredible learning opportunity for all Nesians, especially for those who no longer reside in Aotearoa. Our overseas community receives so little support but carries the mana and aroha of our cultures and the desire to achieve tino rangatiratanga as proud entrepreneurial Nesians across the world. There are so many products marketed in the e-commerce space and Ka Hao steps in to offer learning and advice in this space without the pressure to “buy more”. So grateful that this has also been extended to our Australian Whānau First Nation. I am grateful to be part of an initiative that is truly about building the capacity of our community. Helena Maxwell said when asked what she thought of the Ka Hao i te Ao program.

For more information on the applications and the program itself, we invite you to visit the following link:

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