From the Chamber: Collaboration is key


People often ask me how I come up with ideas for these weekly articles. Something exciting or empowering that happened usually inspires me. I recently came across an article found on the website: In today’s process-driven workplace, collaboration is king.

The comment references a book written by Evan Rosen, a former network reporter who focused on strategic planning. His book, “The Culture of Collaboration: Maximizing Time, Talent, and Tools to Create Value in the Global Economy,” emphasizes that no one achieves success or positive results without collaboration. This is especially true as we recover from the pandemic.

The cultural elements that are evident when collaboration works are noteworthy and listed below with an explanation of how the Chamber, with the support of many others, is driving the economy on a business-by-business basis.

Trust: Trust in others and trust in their talents are essential in our efforts to improve the business climate. One of the House’s most powerful initiatives is Leadership NW, sponsored by Torrington Savings Bank. Its track record is outstanding with over 400 graduates receiving promotions and continuing to serve business and community needs.

Sharing: Facilitating a project and giving feedback on how something is accomplished is critical to the success of many programs. This week I attended a meeting of Winchester manufacturers, organized by the Winchester Economic Development Commission. It was informative, listening to the challenges they all face: the impact of COVID, employee retention and recruitment, rural transportation, and education needs. All are keys to success in growing business and finding additional resources.

Objectives: The Chamber’s objective is prominently displayed on my bulletin board to “promote economic growth while improving the quality of life in the Northwest Territories”. An example would be the Home & Business Expo, more recently known as the Great Giveaway. We are now in planning mode so stay tuned.

Innovation: No company can maintain the status quo any longer. We have been forced to do things differently in this global economy. We need to keep pace with technology, especially if we want to attract outstanding young professionals.

Constructive Confrontation: The exchange of divergent ideas and points of view is essential for making decisions and reaching consensus. If you ever want to witness a lively discussion, please join us on the second Thursday of the month for the Government Relations Committee meeting. The 2022 Legislative Program is available on the Chamber’s website for you to view. We’ll be bringing it this week to Connecticut Business Day in Hartford where you know we’ll be sure to make our voices heard.

Communication: We firmly believe that our message reaches everyone through newspapers, radio, television, website, social media and, fortunately, networking. The Chamber newsletter is on the website filled with everything you need to know.

Rosen strongly believes that collaborative tools will propel your business. Let’s follow these cultural elements and continue to work together to discover that collaboration is key.

JoAnn Ryan is President and CEO of the NW CT Chamber of Commerce. You can reach her by email: [email protected] or by phone: 860-482-6586.


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