Gas prices continue to rise, but tips for reducing costs are available


BIRMINGHAM, Alabama (WBRC) – These are tough times on your wallet and now is not a good time to be a motorist as gas prices continue to rise.

The average price of gasoline in Alabama is $ 3.11, so what can you do to save money at the pump? Here are a few tips :

  • Compare the prices
  • Go online or use an app at Triple A or Gas Buddy to find deals in your area
  • Refuel early in the week (prices are cheaper on Mondays and Tuesdays.)
  • Some gas stations near the highway are higher than other places.
  • Idle your car less
  • Check tire pressure to reduce demand on the vehicle

A gas analyst said prices are expected to stay high for some time.

“At least for now, these bottlenecks in the supply chain are going to stay below supply for a while. I haven’t seen an organized drop in gas prices for some time. Maybe later this year. Maybe 2022 but it’s still not a guarantee, ”said Patrick DeHaan with GasBuddy.

Various factors contribute to the increase in prices. COVID has caused oil prices and production to drop due to the decline in the number of drivers. That has since changed, but resuming production to pre-COVID levels will take time. Now there is an energy crisis in Europe and China which is pushing up prices.

While seeking the best prices is the recommendation, DeHaan said some consumers refuse to change and usually go to their regular gas station out of habit. But if prices continue to rise, that could change.

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