Greenwich Police Sergeant receives praise for saving life of inmate


GREENWICH – A police sergeant received a commendation after paying close attention to an evening shift and saving the life of an inmate in Greenwich Police Department holding cells.

Sgt. Daniel Bucci was named Greenwich Police Service’s ‘Officer of the Month’ in July and recognized for his diligence and professionalism.

According to the department, Bucci was on reception as an office sergeant and monitoring inmates at police headquarters when the incident happened on June 20. Criminal detainees who cannot post bail are held in detention cells at the station for short periods. time, until they are transferred to a public institution or on bail.

Sgt. Daniel Bucci

Greenwich Police Department / photo contributed

While working on the shift, Bucci knew that an inmate with a history of drug addiction was in the holding cells. People with a history of drug addiction are more likely to attempt suicide – a Michigan research center found that “the risk of suicide is increased by the use of legal and illicit substances.”

Bucci, watching video monitors at the front desk, saw the inmate fidgeting and informed the other officers of a potential problem. He also sprinted to the cell block to intervene as the inmate’s actions escalated.

“Sergeant. Bucci disrupted the prisoner’s behavior, ”according to the department’s commendation. “The prisoner was not injured and was taken to hospital without further incident. “

The commendation said, “Sgt. Bucci’s actions bring honor to himself and the Greenwich Police Service and demonstrate two of the core values ​​of service, diligence and respect.

Suicide prevention is a major concern in any facility where prisoners or inmates are held. In 2016, a Bureau of Justice Statistics study found that 1,000 people committed suicide in local prisons in the United States. About 40% of prison deaths occur within a person’s first week of incarceration, according to the study.

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