How much savings will you need to retire in Alabama?


At what age do you want to retire? If you live in America, chances are age is determined not just by desire but by necessity.

A GoBankingRates survey found that 64% of people expected to retire with less than $10,000 in savings, prompting many to postpone retirement to continue working and earning a salary.

The amount of money you need to retire varies from state to state due to differences in the cost of living, as GoBankingsRates found in its recent ranking. In some areas, a nest egg of $550,000 would be a hefty amount for retirement, while in others you’d need at least $1 million.

The rankings were determined by calculating a retiree’s annual expenses in each state after deducting Social Security income, based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Missouri Economic Research and Information Center. The survey assumes that you will dip into your savings by 4% each year to cover your living expenses.

Thanks to its low cost of living, Alabama landed at number four on the list where you can retire with less savings. Alabama’s annual cost of living was $42,154, but drops to $23,978 after using Social Security earnings. GoBankingRates estimates that you would need $599,453 to retire in Alabama.

Mississippi required the least savings to retire – $557,821. Hawaii is at the opposite end of the spectrum. There, you’ll need $1.8 million in savings to retire comfortably. Hawaii’s annual cost of living is to blame, coming in at $88,306 or $70,129 after using Social Security revenues.

You can see the full list here.


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