Intensification of digital banking services: GSB launches “GSB Metaverse”


The rapid technological changes and new lifestyles resulting from the Covid-19 epidemic are a challenge to which banking companies must adapt. Government Savings Bank (GSB) therefore sees an opportunity to upgrade its services to cater to customers’ digital lifestyles with ‘GSB Metaverse’, the first virtual bank in Thailand that is pioneering a new experience in the virtual world. .

Vitai Ratanakorn, CEO of GSB, said, “GSB Metaverse is another milestone that elevates our services to meet the digital demands of our customers, including the expansion of various digital financial services such as digital loans, deposits and the GSB lottery. In the future, GSB Metaverse will serve as a space for sharing experiences and knowledge, connecting the virtual world to the real world.

The first phase of GSB Metaverse was launched in May this year and includes three flagship areas. GSB’s Krapook History is a virtual three-dimensional art museum showcasing rare models of piggy banks from past to present. Every aspect is covered in detail and each piggy bank has an interesting story created by the bank on various occasions during its 87 year history.

Krapook x Artist presents exclusive piggy banks as digital art. Piggy banks, which can only be viewed on GSB Metaverse, feature special designs. The collection includes creations by well-known artists in the field of digital art, including Panpat Techamethakul, Thanachai Utchin, Chumphon Wongtikul, Weerachai Duangpla, Natchaphon Tusangiam and Tripak Supawatthana.

Krapook Gift visitors will also have access to various GSB promotions, privileges and special activities, including the right to receive a special Metaverse piggy bank from the collection created by famous digital artists. During the opening period, it is also possible to open an exclusive deposit account with progressive interest rates of up to 10.90%. Each area of ​​the GSB Metaverse offers fun activities and a chance for customers to collect coins each day.

“The first phase has been very well received by the public,” Mr. Vitai said. “It really is a success story!”

In another key move, GSB obtained ISO/IEC 27001:2013 recertification for excellent management and maintenance of the security of its information system. This is the second time that GSB has been certified, having obtained its original certification in 2019, when it was the first organization in Thailand to do so.

GSB also received the award for Best Bank for Savings and Promoting Basic Economics from Siamrath Online for the 2nd consecutive year. The award cited the outstanding achievements of the GSB in promoting savings policy and measures to assist public sector organisations.

GSB was also crowned Thailand’s most admired brand in 2022 in a nationwide consumer survey by BrandAge magazine which named GSB the most trusted public specialty bank.

“We are proud of these achievements and they are good morale boosters for our staff to continue cultivating a social banking role while fostering further developments in the future.”

To learn more, please visit:

https://metaverse.gsh.or.thCall center: 1115 or scan the QR code

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