Lawmakers urge TD Bank to reimburse scammed customer for his savings


Assembly Member Ken Zebrowski and Senator Elijah Reichlin-Melnick are urging TD Bank to reimburse a scammed customer for his savings of $ 35,000.

The crooks convinced Jeffrey Sherer to give them access to his computer and bank account to cancel a malware subscription in April.

That’s when crooks created fake bank documents claiming they accidentally deposited $ 35,000 into his account which he had to return.

Sherer then went to a TD bank in Nanuet to wire the money – and he blames the bank for letting him do it.

“Either A, their training practices are not sufficient, or the cashier did not do what they were trained to do. Either way, TD Bank is at fault, ”Zebrowski said.

“If they don’t, I will strongly consider removing my campaign account from their bank as I have lost confidence in their ability to protect their clients,” Reichlin-Melnick said.

TD Bank told News 12 it followed banking procedures to prevent fraud.

In a statement, the financial institution said, “Although Mr. Sherer’s loss is unfortunate, his allegations against TD are not supported by the facts and TD is not responsible for his loss. TD Bank takes fraud very seriously and our priority is helping customers. protect their personal, financial and account information. In this case, TD followed banking procedures which included steps to try to prevent fraud. TD provides security advice and information to our customers through our website and other communications to help protect our customers’ information and their For more information, visit https: // Due to privacy concerns, we will have no further comments on this matter. “


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