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Not a fan of the bike paths in Penticton

Mr. Editor:

Kudos to Penticton city councilors and approving the bed rails for the bike lanes.

There will be deaths at these intersections.

It’s a horrible design and makes our streets look like a clown show.

Yay October 2022 to delete you all. Irresponsible spending of over $ 8 million without public consent. The next tip will remove that crap. All parties, including city staff, who have approved this, must be fired.

Mike hawley


The major inequalities in our tax system

Mr. Editor:

Uncontrolled capitalism leads to unearned generational wealth at the expense of future generations of the middle class and bodes disaster for the poor.

In 1960, the marginal tax rate was 91% for people earning over $ 200,000. We have thus created a social democratic country, but mainly for the benefit of businesses and the rich.

Brian Mulroney introduced a 7% GST based on disposable income – the more disposable income you spend, the more you pay. Sounds fair to me, but there has been a public outcry from corporations and high net worth individuals.

Next was Stephen Harper who quickly reduced the GST to 5%, costing federal revenues $ 14 billion each year. It also cut corporate taxes from 22% to 15%, costing federal revenues $ 31 billion each year.

All for the benefit of the rich.

As long as this restoration for the rich continues, this planet is doomed. The rich will continue to invest in technology that replaces human labor, without any penalty for their greater profits and the negative impact on citizens and the planet.

The rich will always have funds to buy the adaptations necessary to survive and perhaps one day move to greener pastures.

Money speaks, especially in politics.

In 2016, with the Liberal government in a majority, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau cut taxes on the middle class from 22% to 20.5% and created a new tax bracket for people earning more than 216,511 .00 $ from 29% to 32%. This is the real first step in rectifying the great inequalities in our tax system.

Of course, with a minority, he will never get the opposition parties to agree to further increases for the rich.

It is time for a universal basic income in Canada and a substantial inheritance tax on moneys over $ 10 million. And it’s time to tax the rich and corporations for their greed to destroy labor markets with their automations and use cheap foreign labor at the expense of our citizens.

Patrick macdonald


Congratulations to the radios

Mr. Editor:

I want to congratulate the radio stations for organizing “A Day to Listen” on Wednesday.

I hope that many have listened and been touched, like me.

I found it very informative.

I applaud all native speakers. They are very courageous in telling their very personal and moving stories.

As a non-aboriginal person, I am very ashamed and appalled by our government.

As a mother and a grandmother… it was very emotional. I cry and it hurts with you.

Lynn hubick


The fairest way to share a vital resource

Mr. Editor:

The current heatwave is stressing our cultures. It is essential that everyone also understands that this puts a strain on our water system.

Our water supply itself is in good condition. Where we have problems is with the operations of the system. Our wastewater treatment plant cannot treat all the water necessary during the heat waves that we are experiencing. It was never designed for that.

Our staff are to open the additional bypass line and issue a boil water advisory.

The district of Summerland which arbitrarily shut down the irrigation connections is totally wrong. And doing it without informing the operator is not acceptable. The envisioned solution to the high flow demand is to operate the additional bypass line.

Our irrigators must review the fundamental rules of access to irrigation water. 7.2 US gallons per minute per acre is the absolute maximum that a property is allowed to operate at one time.

It is important that only the number of GPM multiplied by the number of acres on roll be used at any given time. Everyone needs this water.

It is the fairest way we have to share this vital resource.

Our water comes to us through pipes under roads that have limited capacity. Engineers designed the system to provide adequate flow and pressure for all properties of the roller. If the maximum gpm / acre is exceeded, another property will not be able to access its fair share of water with adequate flow and pressure.

Our annual water allowance is 800mm. Our meters are read monthly and the readings are posted on the Summerland District website.

You will need your meter number and a magnifying glass to read the numbers but it is a way to track your consumption so that you do not exceed your allowance for the entire irrigation season and receive a financial penalty .

The best way to ensure that you are irrigating efficiently is to get your system properly designed and run to the limit of 7.2 US GPM / acre.

Lorraine Bennest

Summer country

Golda Meir offered a quote for the ages

Mr. Editor:

A timely quote from Golda Meir.

“You can’t and shouldn’t try to erase the past just because it doesn’t match the present.”

Terry tyne


Thanks to the excellent staff at Penticton Hospital

Mr. Editor:

Re: “Voters narrowly approve marina lease” (Herald, June 22).

Well it’s back to school for Penticton City Council with a new council member.

It was close to the opinion poll. Let’s say 50% of voters wanted one or more items on the four-part wishlist offered on June 19 in the municipal byelection.

Which of these items won is a guess.

Did you want marketing, not spending tax dollars, a 25 year deal or any year?

Or did you vote to give the Marina to a higher bidder, from anywhere, without any loyalty to the people who are there now?

What the city will actually do at Skaha Park remains a mystery.

But, it will set a precedent for the development of the park for years to come.

Stay focused, we have the leadership that gave us the unpopular parking meters and lake-to-lake bike path without thinking about the consequences for our businesses or our city.

Lynn crassweller


Home schooling, choice of school are the only remedies

Mr. Editor:

Thanks to Gerry Rayner for speaking out (“Sex Education Caused Depression,” Letters, June 26).

It was sickening and heartbreaking to read up on the grotesquely explicit and mind-manipulating material that innocent young children were subjected to, but sadly it wasn’t surprising.

The politicization of the education system has resulted in the socialist mentality of seeing children as belonging to the state, rather than belonging first and foremost to families.

My first memory of where this leads was in Winnipeg in the early 1970s. Grade 9 students were given a list of questions to answer and give to the teacher.

The questions were directed at the parents and designed to induce a whole new way of thinking with contempt for all traditional influences. They were intrusive, disgusting and infuriating from the perspective of any concerned parent.

This intrusion has become more and more entrenched in public schools over the years, but until recently it was largely secret, requiring constant vigilance.

In many cases, students were told that parents simply would not understand new progressive ideas, thus encouraging the goal of weakening parental influence.

When objective morality is abandoned and the spiritual dimension of life is set aside as a “crutch from the past”, only the physical and the emotional remain. This leads to the false but widely promoted determination (as in humanist writings) that man is nothing more than a unique animal.

Civilization is then reduced to a human jungle, where people are divided into groups (or herds). There is little self-interest and (thinly disguised) contempt for the natural cornerstone of human society – the family.

I agree that home schooling is the only cure at this point. However, school choice should also become an option, giving parents the opportunity to choose a school dedicated to imparting knowledge and improving skills while building character – and developing logical thinking, l one of the main victims of this ongoing indoctrination process.

Mr. Strangward




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