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By Emily Doughty

Life expectancy in County Durham has dropped in the wake of Covid-19, with women’s life expectancy falling by six months and men’s by seven months.

Along with a decline in life expectancy, there was also an increase in smoking, including increased smoking among mothers at the time of childbirth, and suicide rates. The report also covered concerns about how the pandemic has affected the health and well-being of children.

Women’s life expectancy fell by 6 months and men’s by 7 months

These statistics are part of a performance report presented this week at a Durham County Council cabinet meeting by the company’s chief resources officer, Paul Darby, who said at the meeting: “The pandemic made it more difficult for people to participate in sport and activity. ”.

“What is worrying is that this has also manifested itself in an increase in obesity in children, as well as in the percentage of overweight adults.”

Darby pointed out that the pressure of poverty is the main cause of the problems, as the region is affected by an increase in the basic cost of living with little change in disposable income.

The head of the council, Councilor Amanda Hopgood, responded to the report, saying: “Many households in our county are undoubtedly currently grappling with the rising cost of living and the impact of withdrawing the increase. temporary universal credit and the end of the leave plan. . “

“Many households in our county are undoubtedly in difficulty”

Councilor Amanda Hopgood, Head of County Durham Council

“These are very real issues that we need to work with partners to address and help mitigate impacts through our support to vulnerable households.

“Once again, the health inequalities and challenges we face in our country are highlighted with a worrying deterioration in healthy life expectancy reported for both men and women.”

The issue of life expectancy was also raised at the plenary council meeting last week, where councilor David Boyes said “life expectancy has stagnated for the first time in about 100 years.”

“If we dig deeper, some of our most disadvantaged communities are expected to live seven years less than some of the better-off communities in County Durham.”

“It is a sad indictment on what has happened over the past 10 years.”

The North East has the lowest regional life expectancy in the UK

The North East has the lowest regional life expectancy in the UK, with a life expectancy of around 77.6 years for men and around 81.5 years for women in 2020, men and women dying three years earlier than their London counterparts.

Image: Mark Norton



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