NHF and InSourceRx Offer Patients With Bleeding Disorders Prescription Savings


InSourceRx is partnering with the National Hemophilia Foundation (NHF) to help people with inherited blood disorders, such as hemophilia, afford better medication.

InSourceRx is a pharmacy discount card company that partners with nonprofit and patient advocacy organizations to offer discounts on essential drugs and supplies.

However, blood clotting factor products used by many patients with blood disorders are not eligible for InSourceRx discounts. Visit this website for more information and to sign up for the free savings card for other brand name and generic drugs.

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“This partnership is a step in a positive direction to continue to remove barriers to access to medicines,” said Leonard Valentino, MD, vice president and CEO of NHF, in a press release. “At NHF, we hope this new partnership will have a significant impact on the lives and wallets of patients. “

The collaboration is particularly timely as many patients face financial challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of them were already struggling to obtain life-saving medicine. This partnership aims to help patients have a better and more affordable quality of life.

InSourceRx works with a national network of over 60,000 pharmacies. As part of its community blood disorder charitable efforts, the company will donate a portion of the proceeds from prescriptions to the nonprofit NHF, a leader in the research, education and advocacy of inherited blood disorders.

Patients will be able to use their new prescription savings card for discounts of up to 80%. To get their card, patients can download and print it, or have it mailed to them. Next, they must enter the name of the prescription they are to fill out on a form provided. To find a network pharmacy, patients must then enter their city, state or zip code. To get the savings, patients must present the card when filling prescriptions.

Additional cards will be included in patient orders for use by family and friends until they order theirs. Additionally, although InSourceRx is not insurance, it may supplement certain insurance benefits. Patients are advised to check with their medical insurance company for possible reimbursement or credits for their premium deductible. In addition, in some cases, patients can use their health savings account with their InSourceRx card.


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