Offers are brewing for National Coffee Day – NBC Los Angeles


What there is to know

  • Wednesday September 29
  • Use code GOODSTUFF at Peet’s online for tons of savings until September 29
  • Show yourself at a Starbucks with a “Clean, Reusable Mug” and enjoy free coffee on September 29

Walk past a few cafes and you’re bound to see someone with the kind of sassy sweatshirt, phone sticker, or notebook cover that touts the idea of ​​“Coffee O’Clock” or “It’s always the”. one-cup hour ”or“ Latte Love for Coffee. ”

To be part of the caffeine team? It’s something of an eccentric appeal, or at least a daily practice that involves a swirlable, vaporizable pot or cup of something that’s full of bean beauty and revealing depth.

So if it’s still Coffee O’Clock where you are, how do you celebrate September 29, which is truly and officially National Coffee Day? Even if you own a sweatshirt that proclaims it’s still National Coffee Day?

There are many ways to honor the fitness event, which various cafes, stores, and businesses celebrate with a plethora of savings, freebies, and special events.

Peet’s Coffee, this Golden State titan of elegant espressos and royal roasts, is offering fans 25% off a multitude of items, including pods, beans and more. You will need to go online and use the code GOODSTUFF. The last day to mark the good things with this promotion? It’s September 29th.

Starbucks celebrates its 50th anniversary on September 29 with free coffee. Is Pike Place roast a personal favorite? Show up to your local store with a “clean, reusable mug” and enjoy the bliss of Pike Place in the house. (Oh yeah, just make sure your local store participates.)

Stone Street LA, the newly opened coffee lounge on Melrose Avenue, has a friendly deal for the day. If you follow the show on Instagram and identify a pair of coffee-loving friends, you’ll get a free joe (which can be a cold or cold brew or even an espresso).

Are you having a Verve coffee on September 29? It’s nummy, and nice on the wallet: guests can enjoy this free mug “… by showing they are subscribed to Verve’s mailing list, follow Verve on social platforms, and submit an SMS number to the box”. There’s also a one-year giveaway of social media coffee, so visit Verve online and get started, if that sounds like you.

Barnes & Nobles cafes will also celebrate the tasty holidays with a gift. Buy something from the bakery and enjoy a large free coffee (freshly brewed, of course, and it can be hot or iced).

What about Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf? Buy a food or treat at the bakery for $ 2 or more and enjoy free brewed coffee (full size). Eligible snacks? Consider purchasing the brand new “… Pumpkin Donut, Egg White & Veggie Bites, Chorizo ​​Breakfast Burrito” or the Egg and Bacon Potato Bites. Yum.


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