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WASHINGTON, September 2 — Rep. Sharice DavidsD-Kansasissued the following press release on September 1, 2022:

Yesterday, Representative Sharice Davids published a report on new health insurance savings that Kansans will soon be able to use thanks to the new health care law passed earlier this month. Davids held a press conference to share what Kansans need to know to take advantage of the new arrangements. Law will help third Kansas families save on average $980 one year if they purchase their own insurance and will extend the same savings to eligible families with unaffordable employer-sponsored insurance.

Learn more about Davids’ work to reduce health care costs for Kansans.

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The report identifies savings that are available immediately or starting next year. Main takeaways include:

* For the 31,000 Kansans of Third district who purchase their own insurance, federal law caps premiums based on income levels, saving on average $980 a year.

* Savings also apply to Kansans who obtain their insurance through their employer. Those who currently spend more than 9.6% of their income on employer-sponsored health insurance will soon be able to seek affordable coverage through scholarships, solving the “family problem”.

These savings were included in federal actions supported by Davids, including the Cut Inflation Act, comprehensive legislation to reduce health care and energy costs and reduce the national debt by more of 300 billion dollars. Other provisions in the law that reduce health care costs include the ability for Medicare to negotiate lower prescription drug costs, capping the cost of insulin at $35 per month for Medicare beneficiaries, and the capping of reimbursable drug costs at $2,000 per year for those using Medicare.

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