Shorter work week


Here is a letter to the Prime Minister of Pakistan: Dear Mr. Prime Minister, this is a case against a six-day working week and extended banking hours in Pakistan. A six-day working week and extended working hours during Ramazan are detrimental to optimum productivity. Going to a six-day work week is suicide in terms of productivity, employee motivation, mental health and the voter-government relationship. A six-day work week reduces the disposable income of bank staff. It also increases the country’s energy footprint and sends the wrong message to the international community where environmentally friendly policies are advocated.

A six-day working week will also have dire consequences for women’s ability to keep their jobs in banks. As Sunday is a public holiday, bankers must take the day off to do housework or personal/medical work. In a job that gives around 20-25 days annual leave, how is that going to work? I hope you will reconsider your decision. The working class has become a punching bag for every government with no signs of letting up. At a time when the world is moving towards a shorter workweek, going in the opposite direction needs to be revisited. I hope that this government will choose to support its citizens and not to overwhelm them.

Amna Burki



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