Sound therapy has arrived in downtown Greenfield

The new Vibrational Sound Massage was hosted in downtown Greenfield on Wednesday.

The company opened its doors last month at 228 Jefferson St. in Posey Plaza, Greenfield’s incubator.

Vibrational sound therapy is the concept of using soothing sounds and vibrations to positively affect the body and mind to promote healing and relaxation.

Owner Deborah D. Wolfe offers two types of therapies, one with a vibroacoustic table that sends frequencies through the body, and the other with singing bowls placed on the body.

She was brought to this type of therapy through her own healing experiences, she said. Wolfe has been certified in sound therapy since 2014.

Her journey began in 2008, when her body became barely functional and she was on disability, she said. Traditional medicine and therapy were not working, some of them even making her sick, so she started looking for alternative methods to regain her health.

It started with Reiki, then light therapy and finally sound therapy, she said. Although she found some restoration and relief with the other alternative therapies, it was the sound therapy that made all the difference.

“That’s what got me back on my feet, what really transformed me,” Wolfe said. “I am my own walking testimony.”

And today, the 67-year-old shares that healing with others through her work in sound therapy.

It’s not just therapy services that Wolfe offers, but also jewelry and different musical instruments, like tongue drums. She also makes Native American smudge feathers. She will also offer demonstrations for those curious about sound therapy. In addition, she does sound evenings and will travel for those with her singing bowls.

For more information, you can stop by, email Wolfe at [email protected], or call her at (937) 218-6433. Vibrational Sound Massage is currently open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Friday and 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday.

To help celebrate the occasion, Posey received a bag full of items from local businesses including Fifth Third Bank, Community Savings Bank, Merchants National Bank, Southern Hills Community Bank, Jett’s Pro Embroidery and Junkluggers. The banner used for these welcomes and bearing the words “Welcome to the Village of Greenfield” was provided by Jett’s.


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