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The Edgartown Board of Directors was told on Monday about the potential energy savings by participating in the Community First Partnership sponsored by Mass Save.

Mass Save is a coalition of energy and gas utilities that works closely with the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources.

Oak Bluffs Energy Committee member Dion Alley and Richard Andre of Vineyard Power spoke to the board at Monday’s meeting about the benefits of joining the program.

“These programs would help [residents] with energy audits, winterizing, new heat pumps… not to mention offering rebates and other cost-cutting measures as we move towards electrification,” Mr. Alley said.

Alan Strahler, chairman of the Edgartown Conservation Committee, endorsed the program, noting it would be especially helpful before electricity costs rise.

“If Alan supports this, then I certainly do,” board member Mike Donaroma said.

Each city will be asked to submit a letter of recommendation before the application can be accepted, Alley said.

The select council agreed to write a “strong letter of support” for the island to participate in the partnership.

Council also voted on Monday to allow Martin “Skip” Tomassian to cut down a tree at 124 Upper Main Street. Mr Tomassian shared that the tree had a split in the middle and that city administrator James Hagerty had inspected the tree himself and noted that rodents were likely burrowing into its rotting roots.

“It looks bad,” agreed board member Margaret Serpa.

Mr Donaroma voted to approve the removal of the tree on the condition that Mr Tomassian works with the tree guard and plants a replacement tree by March next year.

“Whenever he or anyone else tells me it’s best to plant it, I will,” Mr Tomassian said.

The Rosewater Café Friday dinner series is set to return after the selected board approved four of the seven upcoming events for one-day liquor licensing. Since the city typically only approves four day licenses at a time, the board invited owner Julia Tarka to apply for the next round of licenses after her third dinner.

“We will allow four and extend if things go well,” Ms Serpa said.


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