Torrington bank employees take a ‘red shoe walk’


TORRINGTON — Residents are asked to cheer on Torrington Savings Bank hookers as they “walk a mile in his shoes” at 10 a.m. Thursday, to help raise awareness of issues of domestic violence, abuse, sexual assault and other forms of violence.

The Heelers will run from the Torrington Savings Bank main office at 129 Main St. to the bank’s office at 635 Main St. The walk is a preview of Sunday’s Walk A Mile In Her Shoes fundraiser for the project. Susan B. Anthony in Torrington.

During the walk, men and boys lead the way by literally walking a mile in women’s high heels. All ages and genders are welcome to participate, and high-heeled shoes are optional, said project members Susan B. Anthony.

“The goal is not just to get people walking, but to get them talking,” said Ashley Cerruto, business development associate for the Susan B. Anthony project. “There’s no denying the galvanizing effect of seeing dozens, if not hundreds of people strutting to the finish line in these bright red four-inch heels, all in support of victims and survivors of violence. But the conversations that stem from this event – before, during and after – are really what spark the change we are aiming for. Raising awareness of the issues of domestic and sexual violence is the first step to ending this endemic of interpersonal violence, and the Walk allows for a bit of levity that can open doors to deeper discussions and the possibility of healing and creating change.

Registration is open online at While attendees are encouraged to join the live event on May 22, options are still available for those who wish to participate virtually.

Two levels of entry are offered, both of which include the use of the iconic red high heels, which walkers can wear to complete an actual mile, or simply pose for a photo to raise awareness. Groups may choose to organize their own Team Walks on a day and location of their choosing, with the help and support of Susan B. Anthony Project staff.


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