TOWN OF RICKARDSVILLE – March 9, 2022 MINUTES Mayor Dave Ernzen called the regular council meeting to order at 6:31 p.m. at St-Joseph Church. Present: Chris Errthum, Andy Katrichis, Neil Lawver, Ian Hunt That the record shows that all approvals, appointments, claims, warrants, receipts, proclamations, suspensions, resolutions, permits and public hearings were unanimously approved except otherwise indicated. Lawver made a motion to approve the agenda. Errthum seconded. Hunt moved a motion to approve the consent agenda consisting of the February 9 board meeting minutes, approve the invoices, receipts, treasurers’ reports and March 9 income and expense report (on page 2). Katrichis is seconded. Mayor Ernzen gave Becky Kennicker the opportunity to talk about being a city council member. After the board discussed nomination options versus a special election and the cost of this process. Lawver moved a motion to appoint Becky Kennicker as a member of city council effective March 9, 2022 until Nikki Schmitts’ vacant term ends in December 2023. Hunt seconded. Becky Kennicker was sworn in. Errthum moved a motion to approve Resolution No. 2022-09 – Providing for the collection of taxes to pay for general obligation sewer improvement bonds. Lawver seconded. Mayor Ernzen called Public Hearing #1 of the FY2022 Budget Amendment at 6:36 p.m. Four members of the public were present. No comments for or against were submitted prior to the meeting or during the hearing. Mayor Ernzen closed the public hearing at 6:58 p.m. Katrichis presented a motion to approve Resolution No. 2022-10 Approve FY2022 Budget Amendment #1. Kennicker seconded. Mayor Ernzen opened the public hearing for fiscal year 2023 at 6:59 p.m. Four members of the public were in attendance. No comments for or against were submitted prior to the meeting or during the hearing. Mayor Ernzen closed the public hearing at 7:21 p.m. Katrichis presented a motion to approve Resolution No. 2022-11 approving the budget amendment for fiscal year 2023. Kennicker seconded. Errthum made a motion to approve the Class BB license for the Rickardsville Athletic Club. Hunt seconded. A discussion regarding property line fence heights was tabled until the snow melts. Sewer Relocation Project Update: Origin Design Engineer Jim Bousley plans to attend the April council meeting to answer any questions regarding the environmental public hearing. The meeting regarding Abby Davidshofer’s property sewer relocation project issues is expected to be scheduled within the next month. Lawver introduced a motion to approve Resolution No. 2022-12 establishing a public hearing for the review of a State Revolving Fund (SRF) loan application and environmental disclosure document . Hunt seconded. Errthum presented a motion to approve the IDOT service license for CenturyLink/Lumen. Lawver seconded. Marla Quinn, grants and municipalities coordinator for the East Central Intergovernment Association (ECIA), gave a presentation on their Hometown Pride: A Keep Iowa Beautiful Program. Katrichis introduced a motion to approve Resolution No. 2022-13 establishing project priorities for the Rural Counties Transportation Program grant application. Kennicker seconded. Katrichis introduced a motion to approve Resolution #2022-14 authorizing the filing of a Dubuque County Rural County Transportation Program (RCTP) grant application to assist in funding the road pavement resurfacing project James in the town of Rickardsville, Iowa. Hunt seconded. Lawver made a motion to deposit the three Farmers Savings Bank sewer fund CDs that matured this month into the main DB&T sewer fund bank account. Hunt seconded. The council discussed who was using the grant tablets and who was thinking of using one if the city purchased more. There was no action and the options will be discussed again at a future meeting. Errthum offered to hold an Easter egg hunt on Sunday, April 10 at 11:00 a.m. in the city park. The local 4H club is interested in volunteering at the event again this year and will provide candy, eggs and activities. Event details will be sent to the city mailing list as it gets closer to the date. Lawver seconded. Council received correspondence from the Dubuque County Zoning Department regarding the Zoning Board notice for Roussel on Paradise Valley Rd. Council discussed how to handle future memorial requests at the city park. The nuisance ordinance violation situation in the city will be assessed in the spring. The next payment to the county for the sewer loan will be deposited for one month. The council reviewed and discussed the grants the city is currently seeking. The Registrar will contact the ECIA regarding park pavilion ideas we had for the park for the Coronavirus Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program (prize for grant writing and options similar to expansion of the pavilion). The next regular council meeting will be held on Wednesday, April 13, 2022 at 6:30 p.m. at St-Joseph Parish Hall. Lawver moved to adjourn at 8:17 p.m. Kennicker seconded. Submitted by: Mary Ann Knapp, City Clerk. City of Rickardsville Bills Approved March 9, 2022 February Dubuque County Treasury Property Tax $93.11 $93.11 Road Fund Treasurer, State of Iowa Road Use Tax $1,992.64 Dubuque County Auditor Transfer of Jurisdiction Road Use Tax $229.91 $2,222.55 Farmers Savings Bank Sewer Fund Interest CD $355.39 Residents’ checks Sewer Service Fee $2,857.98 $3,213.37 General December Expenditure Fund Alliant Energy Power for Park $22.36 Republic Services Residential Service $1,009.12 Republic Services Business Service $310.29 Telegraph Herald February Minutes Legal Notice $95.45 Telegraph Herald 2 Notice of Public Budget Hearing $226.64 Telegraph Herald Council Member Nomination Notice $14.61 Mary Ann Knapp QuickBooks Employee Fee $2.00 Mary Ann Knapp Internet – March $22.50 St. Joseph’s Church 3 meetings @ 15 $.00 $45.00 Payroll 1st quarter $1,633.14 $3,381.11 Alliant Energy Street Lighting Road Fund $389.93 Alliant Energy Security Light $28.79 $418.72 Sewer Fund Alliant Energy Pump Station $119.24 CenturyLink Sewer Monitor Line $35.30 Dubuque County Recorder Record 11 Sewer easements $157.00 ECIA CDBG Grant Labor $126.75 Schuster & Mick Sewer Easement Preparation 60.00 $ Payroll 1st Quarter $939.04 $1,437.33 1t 3/24


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