Woman spends her life savings to save her ‘poisoned’ pet during a walk


A woman has spent all of her life savings to save her sick dog after he started vomiting ‘black fluid’ after a walk. Kasia Wawrzyniak, 33, was scared for her beloved Staffordshire Bull Terrier Gonzo when he fell ill after a walk.

The couple had returned from their usual route near their home when Gonzo began to vomit a black liquid. Gonzo was rushed to a veterinary hospital, where it was suggested he might have eaten rat poison or some other poisonous substance. And despite being tested, his condition initially showed no signs of improvement, reports the Daily Record.

Vets discovered evidence of internal bleeding, which forced Gonzo to undergo a blood transfusion. He was released after six days, but Kasia and her husband ended up with a four-figure vet bill for the countless tests and treatments he needed.

She said: “He was throwing up in the house and it was pure black, then when he went to the toilet it went totally black too. It was really scary, it was just black liquid. I thought ‘is it black or am I just imagining that?’

“Before this happened there were no symptoms to suggest anything was seriously wrong. We were told on the third day that he was still not doing anything good. We thought they were asking us to ‘going to see our dog for the last time. . His face was very swollen, it was twice what it normally looks like.’

Vets have since told his owners they suspect Gonzo’s bleeding was due to damage to his stomach/intestinal lining. Although it is believed that he ingested a toxin or foreign object, they have not yet been able to rule out inflammation or cancer of the stomach or intestinal lining.

Kasia, who has no children and says Gonzo is her ‘baby’, has paid around £3,000 upfront and still has more to pay. The cost depleted the couple’s savings and they were left with no financial safety net.

Kasia said she feared for Gonzo’s life after he started vomiting ‘black fluid’ which was later found to be caused by internal bleeding

She said: “I spent all my savings trying to save it. How many people can spend thousands in a day? I just wanted them to do whatever they had to.

“It’s my dog’s life, he’s almost six years old and we call him a puppy. We just hoped they weren’t going to call us with bad news, I wasn’t able to work because every time I thought about it I started crying. It’s been horrible days and hours.

The family has now launched a fundraiser to help with some of the cost. Kasia admits that she wished she had assured Gonzo when she had the chance and not put it off until later.

She said: “I blame myself for not having taken out insurance. We intended to insure it, but we couldn’t decide who to go with and we thought nothing would happen. Everything changed very quickly.”

You can donate to the fundraiser here.

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